Looking southeast from Gary's Backyard and farm across Idaho Falls toward Taylor Mountain

Some Important Issues


Efficient Government

Government must be frugal, efficient, honest, just, and reasonable. Taxes and government regulations must be kept to a minimum. When laws become too numerous, they also become oppressive and burdensome. I am committed to understanding the consequences and long-term implications of legislation. I will fight for simplicity and clarity in the law. Sometimes, the most important thing is not to pass new law but to repeal some laws and make existing law more reasonable and understandable. My first questions will always be the following: Is it the proper role of government?  Is it needed?  Is it affordable?  Is it sustainable?



One of the most important issues for me is education. Attracting and retaining excellent, gifted teachers is the most important thing we can do to strengthen education in Idaho. Our teachers must have the resources they need to be successful. They must be compensated fairly for their efforts. Every teacher must have more control over what they do, not less control. Teachers need the freedom to be creative and passionate about their subject matter and their individual teaching methods and to put their students’ needs first. Every student must have the best opportunities to learn and grow and to receive as much education as they need to be successful.


Economic Freedom and Agriculture

I believe in the free market’s ability to encourage creativity and genius in the people. One of the most important sources of our happiness is our privilege to reap the benefits of our own labor and enjoy the benefits of our own property. I believe in giving people economic independence and the opportunities to be self-sufficient. I will do everything I can to maintain economic freedom for business and agriculture—for both large and small enterprises and operations.



I clearly understand the importance of the INL to America and Idaho. It continues to play a strategic role in energy, security, and other innovative technologies. Its impact on the economy of eastern Idaho is tremendous. We are blessed to have it here. The opportunity for Idaho’s young people to secure high paying jobs in exciting and productive careers is also extremely important to our future. My father-in-law was a physicist at the site for many years; two of Ramona’s brothers worked (one is still working there) at the INL; three of my sons worked there at various times in their careers; I worked for two years (full-time and then part-time while going back to graduate school) at the INL as a technical writer and as an operations and project manager at Test Area North.


Gary’s Basic Conservatism


• I believe in limited government—I believe in less government, fewer laws, simpler laws, greater personal freedom.

• I am a firm believer in economic freedom and the market economy as the best way to prosperity—freedom of choice, free markets, and the power of individual initiative and self-interest create economic genius and ingenuity.

• I am a strong supporter of religious freedom and the right to express religious opinions in the public square—government should support the right of free worship and should encourage faith and worship, not discourage it.

• I believe that the family is the most important unit in society.  I believe that the traditional family offers the best hope for children to be productive, successful, and happy. 

• I am pro-life.

• I believe that taxes must be as low as possible, consistent with good government.

• I oppose judicial activism and judicial lawmaking. I support the choice of judges at all levels of government who understand that their role is to apply law in specific areas when controversies arise. They should guarantee due process of law and fair treatment, but judges should not make law.

• I oppose government mandates in education that inhibit teacher creativity and hurt kids—I believe teachers need more freedom in the classroom, not less.

• I am opposed to entitlement programs that have perpetuated the very problems they were intended to solve.



• I believe in American exceptionalism—we are a great nation that has given greater opportunities for freedom and liberty to all the people of the world.

• I believe that the Founding Generation were just men whose wisdom and foresight were extraordinary.

• I believe the US Constitution is the most important political document ever written.

• I strongly support the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution as written—“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

• I fully support the 2nd Amendment.

• I believe that the national government has no business borrowing money in times of peace—the national debt is a national tragedy.

• I believe in a strong national defense as the best policy for freedom and continued peace in the world.