Looking southeast from Gary's Backyard and farm across Idaho Falls toward Taylor Mountain

Bringing a Full-life’s Experience to the Legislature


Thanks to All Who Helped Me Win!!  I appreciate the opportunity to serve!

About Gary – A Brief Summary

Life-long resident of Bonneville County
Will defend conservative values and work for common sense solutions
Genuinely committed to listening and bringing people together
Will work hard and stay engaged in the legislative process
Strong supporter of agriculture, business, and the INL
Want to attract and retain gifted, passionate teachers for Idaho schools
Want cities, counties, and school districts to be strong governing units

• I believe in smaller government, simpler laws, and greater personal freedom.
• I am a firm believer in economic freedom as the best way to economic growth and prosperity.
• I am a strong supporter of religious freedom and the right to express religious opinions in the public square.


This country and this state have been very good to me and my family. I believe in conservative values and hard work.  I have taught the American Constitution and our system of government for over forty years to more than 25,000 young people.  I taught them to be loyal to our constitutional principles and constitutional heritage. I have always asked my students to step up, make necessary sacrifices, and be engaged in the political process.


It is my turn to step up, to serve, and to give back!




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